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Stylish Ways to Child-Proof Your Cabinets

Your cabinets are fashionable and functional, but they’re not always a good match with kids. Whether you need to protect your child from the things inside your cabinets or the things inside your cabinets from your child, you’ll need to ensure that the doors are secure. Fortunately, you don’t have to give up your commitment to your décor style until your kids move out in order to child-proof your cabinets. There are many subtle and stylish ways you can get the security you want while keeping the look you want.

Magnetic Cabinet Locks

If you want to child-proof your cabinets without any visible evidence, then you need magnetic cabinet locks. These locks come in sets that include multiple locks and a single key. Once they are mounted inside your cabinet, you won’t be able to see any track of the lock on the outside. To open the cabinet, reach for the key, place it near the cabinet and pull. If you are going to need to open your cabinets multiple occasions in a short window of time, such as when you’re cooking, disable the locks completely until you’re ready to leave them unsupervised again. These locks won’t impact your style at all, since no one will know they are there except you.

Cord Cabinet Locks

If you’re ready to commit to the look of a lock, then opt for cord locks . There locks work on cabinets that have two round knobs side-by-side. The cord loops over the knobs and then is tightening or released using a sliding fixture. Although these locks are clearly seen, they can look like part of your décor, especially if you choose a color that blends with your scheme.

Adhesive Multi-Purpose Locks

These mount locks consist of two anchors connected by a strip that are put across two cabinet doors, preventing kids from opening them. They can be installed and uninstalled in a snap, so you can easily place them exactly where you need them and remove them when you want to show off your space.

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