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Best Types of Wood to Use for Cabinets

When you’ve decided to get custom cabinets , one of the first decisions you will have to make is what kind of wood to use. There are several kinds of wood that work well for cabinets, depending on your budget and style preferences. Often, your custom cabinetmaker can guide you to the best wood for your project. Keep reading to take a closer look at some of the most popular woods for cabinets.

Red and White Oak

Red oak is an extremely popular choice for cabinetry . It is moderately priced and strong, which makes it a favorite of consumers, and the grain patterns make it stand out. White oak is somewhat less popular because it is more expensive, but it is still common. Both red and white oak come in a range of shades, so they can easily be blended into most color schemes. Although durable oak can be used in most settings, it really stands out in rustic, traditional, and causal designs.


Maple is one of the hardest woods used in cabinet design, which means it can stand up to the demands of heavy-use areas without denting and scratching. This additional strength makes it more expensive than some other wood options for cabinets, but if your cabinets are going to be in a high-traffic area with lots of use, the extra investment can be worthwhile as it will extend the life of your cabinets. Maple tends to be light in color with visibly darker mineral streaks when stained. This wood works well with most décors.


Cherry is softer than some woods, so it needs to be treated with care to prevent dings and dents. Its surface is smooth with fine, even grains. Cherry usually comes in warm, deep red and brown hues that make it a good fit for formal and traditional rooms. However, it is also adaptable enough to be used in other settings. Although available domestically, cherry is highly sought after, so is more expensive than other choices.

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