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Signs that your Car Needs a Transmission Repair

Many people stress over getting their car repaired. However, a car's transmission is something that must be taken care of as soon as there are warning signs. Here are some of the biggest signs that your transmission might need a repair:

Slow responses

One of the biggest indicators that a transmission needs to be repaired is also the easiest to notice. If a driver experiences a delay when they shift into another gear , it’s a sure sign of trouble. Similarly, if the car is having trouble shifting gears, or if it accelerates much slower after shifting gears, then it’s time to have the transmission looked at.

Leaking fluids

Another really apparent sign that something might be amiss is that the transmission is leaking fluid. It is important for drivers to monitor leaks they may notice on their driveway, as well as when they are driving the car and see warning lights. Because a car is not supposed to lose any transmission fluid in its daily use, any leaks can be a sign that it’s time to get a professional examination.

Weird sounds

Drivers come to know their cars very well, and this includes how the car sounds when it is driven. One of the signs that a transmission may need repair is if the driver begins hearing odd sounds. This can include grinding noises as gears shift for manual drivers or a mysterious buzzing or humming noise for automatic drivers. These are all signs that more serious malfunctions may occur very soon.

Don’t ignore the light

Many vehicles now provide warning lights to let drivers know there is some kind of issue with the car. Such lights can offer warning about things such as high transmission temperature that drivers can address before the transmission issue becomes more serious. Don't ignore the lights: when it comes to transmission warnings, things will only get worse if the car is not taken to a professional.

If you've experienced any of these warning signs, be sure to contact the Transmission Shop today!

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