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Signs of Fuel Injection Problems

Signs of Fuel Injection Problems


If your engine doesn’t seem to be working properly, or if it fails outright, then your fuel injector could be the problem. By paying attention to some of the most common signs of a fuel injection problem, you can move quickly to get it checked—and, if necessary, repaired—before it causes a breakdown that leaves you stranded. If you notice any of these signs with your car, take it to a mechanic as soon as possible.


Reduced Fuel Efficiency

Do you seem to be filling up your gas tank more than normal? If your car tells you your miles per gallon rate, does the performance seem to be worse than normal? Although there are a number of different things that can cause fuel efficiency problems, your fuel injection system could be to blame. A broken fuel injector can cause fuel to leak from the car, or if the internal springs are damaged, it could allow the injector to supply too much fuel, allowing it to run down faster than normal.


Rough Engine Response

Normally, when you step on the gas, your engine should power your car smoothly. When the fuel injector has a problem, the supply of fuel to the engine will be jerky and sporadic, which will make your engine respond the same way. You may feel like your car is generally riding rougher than usual, or you may feel like you’re starting and stopping over and over again. This kind of ride is a telltale sign of engine problems and that there could be an issue with the fuel injection system.


Sudden Engine Failure

If your fuel injector becomes clogged, then you may lose engine power completely and suddenly. If you can get your car to start again, you may notice that the rpms red line and then drop to zero in quick succession, which indicates a spotty supply of fuel.


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