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3 Myths About Automatic vs. Manual Transmissions

Ever since the automatic transmission was introduced, it has gained popularity and become a dominating feature in most passenger vehicles. Automatic transmissions are favorable over manual transmissions for many drivers, but they are still featured in some newer vehicles. If you are choosing between an automatic and manual transmission for your next vehicle purchase, be sure to brush up on the following myths about the differences between the two.

Myth: Manual transmissions are always more fuel efficient.

It was true in the past that manual transmissions would always be more fuel efficient than automatics in the same types of vehicles, but today, this is no longer the case. Automatic transmissions have become much more fuel efficient in their design , so you do not have to worry about missing out on gas mileage by selecting an automatic.

Myth: It is always cheaper to opt for a manual transmission.

Vehicles with manual transmissions only account for about 4% of auto sales each year, so it has become much more economical to produce vehicles with automatic shifting. That means that there is no longer a substantial difference in the price tag between automatic and manual, so you can go with your preference rather than your budget.

Myth: You must drive stick if you want to own a sports car.

Only a small handful of sports cars are exclusively available in a stick shift, so you can still purchase your dream car even if you don’t want to give up the ease of an automatic transmission. However, you may still want the control that comes with driving stick when you are wielding the power of a sportier vehicle.

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